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10 types of winter footwear that every woman should have |

In EllaToday we show you the 10 types of footwear that you should have in your closet this winter 2017 and we tell you how to combine them.
by Beatriz Martinez-Campos, il
October 11, 2016
10 types of winter footwear that every woman should have. The shoe, that complement par excellence, and that so many combinations and looks offers us, in EllaToday we are unconditional fans of all models and that is why we are going to show you the 10 types of shoes that you should include in your wardrobe for this winter 2017 , and we also tell you the best looks so you can wear them on different occasions, are you ready?
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1. Over the knee boots with oversized jersey
You can not miss in your shoemaker these elegant and comfortable boots over the knee in dark color, choose for your look a warm oversize sweater, how fashionable they are, with high neck and color to match the boots, a trick: combine it with a Small bag in light color to give some color to your style.
2. Booties with dress
How could it be otherwise, the classic booties can not be missing in your closet this winter 2017, comfortable and practical, the booties are very easy to combine and give a lot of play, a look like this looks great in any situation; a baggy dress in gray, with oversized matching jersey, handbag with geometry and colors, and as a detail necklace and bracelet in the same color.
3. Peep toes with leather skirt
The peep toes shoes, which show the fingers through the opening they have in the front, are ideal to wear a more chic style this winter 2017, comfortable shoes that you can combine with a black synthetic leather skirt, basic shirt In the same color and matching handbag.
4. Stiletto with printed jacket
Stiletto shoes, as you well know, can not be missing in your closet at any time of the year, and in winter less; The shoe with a high heel par excellence, combines perfectly with a floral print jacket, black skinnies and matching handbag, a most successful styling.
5. Pump with jeans
The classic "heel shoe" closed heel and low cut on the sides, is an indispensable wardrobe; to get the best out of it, combine it with some ripped jeans with a matching belt, a jacket in some bright color that you like and a shirt or blouse in light color, a success.
6. Womans with wide pants
The mules shoe is a variant of the well-known clogs, open at the back and with some heels, and yes, this winter you can not miss in your dressing room, to wear them in an afternoon with friends or in an informal dinner; They are perfect with a wide high-waisted trousers, basic t-shirt and matching bag, an easy look to get.
7. Mary Jane with bushy stockings
The model "merceditas" that was used in schools, is reinvented, and is the most used by the celebs this season, the ideal is to combine it with a thick stockings that give a very chic touch to your style and is very warm for the cold season
8. Loafers with suit jacket
The moccasins are shoes of male origin that have been incorporated into the female wardrobe with great elegance, without sacrificing comfort; For a neat and casual look, choose your loafers and combine them with gray pants, a shirt of the same tone and suit jacket.
9. High boots with oversized jersey
If in this winter 2017 you want to wear an elegant, comfortable and latest style, then the high heel boots can not be missing in your closet, this model of footwear below the knee, combines perfectly with leggins and an oversized sweater half sleeve; A look that will make you look great in any situation.
10. Ugg boots with leggins
We love this look and I am sure that you, too, warm, comfortable and practical, a style that you will surely not miss, choose the Ugg boots that you like, tall or short, and combine them with simple single-color leggins or with prints, jacket and matching bag.

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